Acute Admissions Unit, Dykebar Hospital, Paisley

Acute Admission Unit

Client: Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Primary Care NHS Trust

Contract value: £3,860,000             Completed: December 2002

The unit provides 3 single and mixed sex wards with en-suite single rooms.  Meeting and welfare facilities for patients are located to enjoy the greenbelt views, and a further 2-storey wing accommodates staff and support services.

This specially designed admissions department gives inherent protection to both staff and patients, with anti-ligature fitments and anti-barricade doors standard throughout the unit.  Nurses’ stations enjoy a commanding central position in each ward, with natural light and open-plan desking. An access audit was carried out to the unit, whose design features the practice’s developing philosophies for healthcare buildings, including:

  • Clear wayfinding for patients and staff, through non-institutional layouts.
  • Choice of finishes based on colour psychology.
  • Maximum use of natural light and ventilation.
  • Security and comfort for all users, through integral design solutions.
  • Consultation with all user groups.

The external courtyards provide patios and gardens for the day spaces, and  Strathclyde Police recently awarded ‘Secured by Design’ certification to the project.

Acute Admission Unit Stripe