Bridgeton Health Centre, Glasgow

Bridgeton Health Centre

Client: Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust

Contract value: £1,500,000             Completed: Summer 2002

The extension and internal refurbishment of the Health Centre has enabled the existing doctors, health visitors and dental practices to expand their facilities and provide additional services.

The project was carried out in 3 phases to allow continuity of all services. The extension itself was primarily constructed on the first floor to enable stringent Planning requirements for car parking to be met at ground level.

With a triangular footprint, generated by the adjacent railway cutting, the new building has a tiled pitched roof and facing brick walls in complimentary colours to the existing centre. The triangulated corners are finished with natural cedar cladding, providing dramatic and unusual gable ends. Internally, curved walls and coloured glass block enrich the circulation routes. Bespoke reception desks and separate colour schemes help patient wayfinding and provide identity for each individual practice.

Additional Records storage has been provided by extending into the internal courtyards of the existing Health Centre. Clad in vertical cedar boarding and with curved corners, they provide an attractive feature within the courtyard.

The project was completed on time and allows expanded service provision in more suitable and upgraded premises.

Bridgeton Health Centre Stripe