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How does it work

How does the homeservice get going?

Step 1  Questionnaire

Complete our attached no-obligation questionnaire and submit it to us by post, fax or e-mail (see `how to contact us` section).  This information is treated confidentially and will not be used for any purpose other than to assess whether we are able to progress to Step 2.  If we do not think we can help, we shall steer you towards a more appropriate route.

Step 2  Initial meeting

We can then arrange for an initial meeting with our appointed architect, either in this office or more usually at your project site.  This meeting, which would typically last up to an hour, is free and carries no obligation on either party.

Step 3  Initial report

If agreed, we submit our initial project report outlining a recommended procurement route.  This may involve our services, and perhaps other specialists (e.g. interior designers, structural engineers), and the report would indicate the main activities, likely Programme, and contractor selection process.  The need for local authority or other approvals would also be covered.  A plan of work is suggested and a preliminary indication of building costs provided for guidance, along with a related fee proposal.

Step 4  Project plan of work

This is tailored to your needs, as identified in the initial report.  The various stages are carried out sequentially with your prior agreement, and the usual breakdown of activities is shown in our `Schedule of rates` section.

The Plan of Work will identify the critical activities, timescales and responsibilities.