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This first step is to give us some idea of what you have in mind for your property.  We use this as the basis for advising how you should best proceed.

You are under no obligation at this point.  We shall either offer to arrange a date for our free consultation or refer you towards a more appropriate service provider.  All information given to us will be treated as confidential and is strictly for the use of the homeservice.

When you have completed a print out of this form as far as you are able, please post, fax or e-mail it to us at the address in the about us section.  Click here for a print friendly pdf version of the questionnaire (313KB)Home Service Questionnaire.

We regret that we cannot arrange a consultation or discussion prior to receiving your completed form, and that we do not usually consider projects with build values less than about £40,000.

A. Your Details

B. Tell us about your property or site

Heating system:

Main Services:

C. What are you hoping to achieve?
1. What do you have in mind?
(Please tick as many boxes as may apply).

In terms of your proposals:

In terms of style:

4. What sort of budget or financial limit do you have in mind?
This would be a total budget including build costs, fittings etc. fees and VAT as applicable.

If you have a specific limit, please state: