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What is the homeservice?

Through a variety of T.V. programmes and glossy magazines has come an increased awareness of the added value of good design, and how it can be attained to improve the framework for modern living.  In times of property price increases, it can also be cost effective to extend, alter, divide or improve a property, whether as part of a relocation or just making more of where you live.

But only if things go right for your project.

You may be interested in good design, but are rightly cautious about radical or experimental designs at your expense. You will be interested in value for money, but wish to avoid unqualified, uninsured draftsmen; `cowboy` builders; open ended fee arrangements; or elastic budgets.

You will probably only do a major project on your home once or twice in your lifetime, and if you are not going to `learn the hard way` you will need advice or assistance with design, local authority regulations and consents, procurement, quality control, programme etc.

For most projects requiring design input we believe that the customer’s priorities are:

  • Good design and technical competence.
  • Control of design and its cost.
  • Responsive customer service to an agreed programme.
  • Responsibility and quality control.
  • Value for money

The homeservice addresses these concerns by providing:

  • An Architect in charge at all times.
  • Dedicated `homeservice` team dealing with your project.
  • Staged design process.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance & professional body registration.
  • Fixed staged fees and competitive contract procurement.

The benefits and experience of an established commercial city practice are being brought to you at competitive and fixed rates, to provide a professional service with customer focus.